Assistant Teacher Training Program

Reports to: Administrative Director,

Applications accepted year-round. Download the Application Form (PDF)


Assistant Teachers work alongside Dance Center faculty in Parent/Toddler Movement, Children and Teen Programs as well as the Dance Camps at School. Candidates must possess a strong passion for dance education and exhibit mature behavior, good judgment, and the aptitude to work with children. All Assistant Teachers must have a solid technique-base and the ability to develop and empower each child’s creativity. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Taking attendance.
  • Assisting a struggling student as the teacher leads the class.
  • Assisting students in learning appropriate classroom behavior.
  • Leading warm-ups or exercises when requested by the teacher.
  • Escorting children to bathroom or water fountain.
  • Overseeing a group of students on scheduled breaks during dance camps.
  • Handing out props and setting up items to be used in class.
  • Keeping an eye out for potential hazards like untied shoe laces or poor spatial awareness while children are dancing.
  • Being a source of positive and enthusiastic energy in the class.
  • Keeping students focused and on task.
  • Offering encouragement to students during the class.
  • Helping to line up and keep students in line or specified formation.
  • Working seamlessly with the teacher by anticipating his/her needs.
  • Working with the teacher to provide a fun, creative, and supportive learning environment for younger dancers.


Assistant Teachers should have appropriate dance training, should enjoy working with children and should bring creativity and innovation to the class. Assistants must make a commitment to their assigned classes. They must attend every scheduled class and must speak with the Administrative Director to find substitutes for classes they cannot attend. Absences are strongly discouraged.


  • Commit to full semester or a full year. Priority will be given to those applicants who are able to commit to a full year.
  • Commit to TWO 2-class shifts per week or ONE 3-class shift per week.
  • Commit to a full Dance Camp.
  • Attend the annual faculty meeting on the date determined by School Director.


  • Discounted dance classes, intensives, workshops, and master classes at the Dance Center.
  • Valuable experience and knowledge as a dance teacher.
  • Letters of recommendation or reference for future work as a dance teacher.
  • Access to affordable studio rental space.
  • Access to discounted performance tickets and special events.

Upon successful completion of 2 semesters, Center Trainees will be added to the Center substitute teacher list (standard rate of pay) and become eligible for pay for classes they assist.

To apply:

Please send the following documents to:

  1. Resume detailing your teaching, dancing, work, and academic experience.
  2. Cover Letter explaining where you are currently in your dance education career, what are your interests, and how the Teacher Training program at RIOULT Dance Center will further your interests and career.
  3. A Letter of Recommendation.

Download the Application Form (PDF)