Touring Programs

Suggested program combinations are described below. For individual dance descriptions click on REPERTORY

 Purple to Pärt
bach_dancesPurple to Pärt Purple to Pärt pairs two of Pascal Rioult’s dances, Te Deum (1995) and Fire in the Sky (2017), that together make a powerful impact transporting the viewer to different times and places in Rioult’s artistic trajectory. As individual works, each piece resonates with the audience in distinctly personal ways. Explore Dance recommends “Don’t see the show alone; it will give you something to talk about.”

 Custom Program
custom_programIn addition to the programs above, you may create your own program in consultation with the company based on your community’s needs and interests. Please see repertory descriptions.

 WOMEN ON THE EDGE…Unsung Heroines of the Trojan War
women_on_edgeWOMEN ON THE EDGE…Unsung Heroines of the Trojan War is a trilogy of dances inspired by Euripides’ tragic heroines Iphigenia, Helen of Troy, and Casandra. Pascal Rioult’s interpretations of these timeless stories highlight not only grace, strength, and resilience of women in society but also the futility and immorality of war. The program includes Iphigenia, On Distant Shores/i>, and Cassandra’s Curse/i> set to commissioned music by contemporary American composers Michael Torke, Aaron Kernis, and Richard Danielpour respectively.

 The Master Series
master_seriesThe Master Series includes three dances—Views of the Fleeting World, Les Noces, and Bolero; set to the scores of Bach, Stravinsky, and Ravel, respectively. Pascal studied and explored each of these composers in depth during his choreographic process. Of this series The Daily Gazette asserted, “Rioult’s experimentation with the music stands as some of the best,” in a program they described as “vibrant, soulful, and painterly.”

 Bach Dances
bach_dancesBach Dances is a series of powerful dances set to Bach masterpieces. Characterized by a unity of music, movement, and art (animated projections), this program includes Views of the Fleeting World, City, Polymorphous, and Celestial Tides. When possible, RIOULT Dance NY endeavors to perform this program with live music by local chamber orchestras. Recent collaborations include the Manhattan School of Music, the Bethlehem Bach Orchestra in PA, and the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra at The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, IN.