RIOULT Circle is a “friend-raising” initiative founded and supported by the dancers of RIOULT Dance NY to promote the awareness and appreciation of modern dance for arts enthusiasts. Through creative and fun events such as open rehearsals, performances, “meet and greets” with the dancers, family events, master classes, and mixers, we look to extend our circular chain of friends, supporters, and patrons in New York City.

While there is no membership fee required to join, there are various fundraising events throughout the year for RIOULT Circle members to contribute to.

RIOULT Circle Members

Lola Adekunle
Amanda Ferguson Ellis
Brian Flynn
Alexandra Gierak
Samantha Ladd
Doug Morris
Michael Spencer Phillips
Marc Raybin
Ben Rodriguez Cubenas
Amara Suebsaeng
Anna Vietor

Contact for more details and to become a member.